Esoteric symbology number 3

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We will begin this little work with the trinity of the hours, daughters of the night, or material contingency. Clotho: The spinner from which the thread of existence originates, representing everything that is potentially in it. relating to the place or condition “Where we come from.” Lachesis: Through whose hands every section of the thread of life passes, presiding over the current and causal development of events, in which “Who we are” must be demonstrated. And Atropos: In whose hands is delivered everything that has happened to us, and the result of our actions. As a seed of what awaits us, determining “Where we go.” The latter is the one who has to cut with her fateful scissors, the thread of life. When the being has reached its maturity, and the violations of the law do not allow its further extension.
The three furies or Erminedes: They are, it can…

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